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Virility Patch RX - 10 Topical Patches

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Virility Patch is a high quality augmented patch made of vitamins and natural herbal ingredients that can be used to increase penis size by simply pasting.

It is commonly used not only for men seeking improved performance in bed, but also for men with light ED.

It also has a reputation for rapid effects and is widely used by millions of men worldwide.

We recommend Virility Patch as the safest alternative for all men who want a sustained effect during sexual intercourse and a stronger orgasm!

Internal Capacity

10 patches/packet


Ginseng, Gotu kola, Damiana, Menthol, Fo-Ti

How to use

Please use 1 patch in 3 days.
The virility patch should be applied to a clean body surface, not to the face or genitals.

The natural ingredients of the patch increase blood flow to the penis and increase size and natural erection by up to 20%.
In addition to the size increase, the natural ingredients in the patch provide energy enhancement during sexual intercourse.


Do not touch the face or genitals directly as the Virility Patch is made in a reasonable way to fit the thick skin area.
Make sure the patch area is clean and dry.
Please use each patch every 3 days at maximum.

If you are being treated with heart disease, high blood pressure, or other symptoms, or if you are taking medication, please consult your physician before using this product.

If you feel strange, stop using immediately and consult your doctor immediately.





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