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Super Vidalista (Tadalafil 20mg/Dapoxetine 60mg) 10 tablets

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Super Vidalista is a product containing Tadalafil, the main component of the ED drug Cialis, and Dapoxetine to prevent premature ejaculation.

This drug is the latest medicine designed to provide comprehensive support to men who experience signs of sexual decline combined with premature ejaculation.

Regular and quality sex is especially important for men, filling their lives with interest, excitement and happiness. But often the balance of close relationships is out of balance. This Problems and disabilities are due to the effects of age, illness, emotional and physical stress, and other factors.

Generics of Cialis's potency regulators and priligy extenders, renowned for treating ED, Super Vidarista combination helps to effectively address the entire complex of symptoms and disorders.

Super Vidalista immediately solves two serious problems, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, by the parallel action of active substances.
It has a lasting effect of up to 36 hours and can cope with premature ejaculation of up to 4 hours.

Internal Capacity

10 tablets/blister


- Tadalafil: 20mg
- Dapoxetine: 60mg

How to use

Take only once daily, about one hour before sexual activity begins.


Super Vidalista is an indicator used by men over the age of 18.
Super Vidalista is not intended for use by women, children, and young men under the age of 18.
Do not use Super Vidarista medications when taking medications that contain nitrates.
Do not use Super Vidarista if you are taking alpha-blockers or other medications for erectile dysfunction.

Super Vidarista tablets must be kept in a blister pack until use and stored in a cool, dry place with a temperature below 30°C.

Consult your doctor as soon as possible if any of the following symptoms occur.
- Convulsions
- Headache
- Flush (warmth, redness, or tingling)
- Nausea
- Nasal congestion; or.
- Muscle pain, back pain, arm and leg pain.

We recommend using after consulting a doctor.





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